Hot girls wear shoes that dont hurt thier feet.

DO's and DONT's: elopement shoes edition. Whether your elopement location is at the end of a paved trail, or requires a hike through brush and over rocky surfaces, finding the right bridal footwear is essential to being able to enjoy your elopement day, and the location you picked.

DO: Wear something that if comfortable (top priority) and broken in (if you're buying new shoes or boots today, wear them ragged before we go on the most important hike of your life), and wear something that fits the vibe of your wedding aesthetic. If your elopement requires very little walking, and you're sticking to a paved trail, your shoe options are pretty endless. If you'll be walking along dirt trails, up onto any steep rocks or cliffs, or through terrain that's less than manicured, be on the hunt for a boot that gives you ankle support and has a rubber bottom for grip and a sturdy step.

DONT: wear a high or skinny heel. If you love the look of a bridal stiletto, pack those pretty heels up, and save them for photos along the trail or in the location. Don't risk ruining them, and your ankle, along the way to your elopement. Don't wear a white boot if you're planning to encounter spring rain (spring mud). Again, pack anything that is white and save it for the photos. If you're starting to think a boot of sorts might be the right choice for you, keep one other thing in mind. Will this bunch up your gown? Is this boot so chunky that your dress can't lay well over it? We want your footwear to help you, and not cause issues for you. Walk around in the boot you choose, and make sure it's getting along well with your dress.

My Top 4 Recommendations for the Elopement Bride:

Blundstones & Dr. Martens

For the girls less interested in a glam boot or cowboy boot.

Once broken in, these are comfortable and ensure good footing when hiking. The soles of both options are rubber and the leather allows for a comfortable fit, with easy cleaning if anything muddy happens to them. The boots themselves can be embroidered and customized for an extra special accent on your day. Check Etsy for the best customizing options.


These come in so many colors, so they're a great for adding in some personal and everyday style to your bridal aesthetic. These are a leather soled bootie, so keep in mind that they'll feel slippery the first few times you wear them. Again, break in yer boots, cowgirl.


Like I said above, maybe not ideal for a muddy spring situation. But as far as a statement bridal boot that that can hold it's own, these are amazing. Definitely try them on with your dress before committing to them. These are especially good for the brides with a slit dress or a gown with some volume to it. If you're planning to wear a sheath or bodycon style dress, I'd definitely make sure these these don't create any funky shapes along your silhouette.

PEARL FLATS, from Lulus.

If you're planning for the ultimate easy day in the most beautiful place, flats or slides can be your best friend. Again, consider if there's gonna be mud, or a trail that will require some tough hiking. But if you can safely say you're planning to avoid both, an embellished flat can bring in another layer of beautiful bridal vibes to your ensemble.